About Us

Our Philosophy

Music is for everyone. Creativity and artistic expression are a natural part of being human. It is our genuine belief that music is accessible to all who walk through our door. We are delighted to help each person who wants to learn, enjoy, and make music. It is our hope to help make playing music fun for all!

Photo fo Eric and Jen

The Teachers

Jennifer Grace and Eric Eaton have decades of experience teaching hundreds of people on piano, guitar, flute, bass, and more. Their caring, knowledgeable, relaxed approach to teaching music, and their ability to relate to each student, make taking lessons with them enjoyable and fulfilling.

Jennifer Grace teaches Piano. She received her Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education from the Crane School of Music, SUNY Potsdam. Jen enjoys playing at private parties, weddings, art receptions, and other venues. Some of her favorite musical experiences include singing in the Choir at the Opening Ceremony of the 1980 Winter Olympic Games, appearing as Sister Sophia in a community production of The Sound Of Music, and just “jammin'” with her many musical friends. With over 25 years of teaching experience, Jen continues to love to help her students reach their musical goals. She is a dedicated instructor, has a deep appreciation for each student, and loves being part of their lives.

Eric Eaton teaches Guitar, Flute, Bass, Drums, Music Theory, Songwriting, Recording, and more. He has studied music theory privately for many years, with an emphasis on the music & compositional theories of Rudolf Schramm as introduced to him by composer/arranger/recording artist J. R. Baker. Eric has more than 35 years experience teaching private music lessons. He has played in many duos, trios, bands & orchestras both in the Huntington area as well as in much of the Northeast. Eric has made appearances on various artists' albums covering a wide array of genres. Notable performances include playing for the Queen of England in Bermuda, and several performances in Madison Square Garden. Eric enjoys arranging music for bands and ensembles, mixing for area Coffee Houses, as well as getting together with friends for impromptu improvisational hootenannies.


Jen and Eric have been teaching my son for five years and not once has he wanted to miss his lessons.

Whether preparing him for NYSSMA, or teaching him other songs and styles, his musicianship has steadily improved. Jen and Eric keep the lessons fun and interesting while continuing to challenge him again and again to the next level.

As a parent, I am so grateful to Eric and Jen for providing an opportunity for my son to learn music in an enjoyable way that honors his creativity and provides a healthy and disciplined structure.

We are happy customers!


It is wonderful to see how our two daughters have developed an appreciation, joy and accomplishment in playing piano over the years with you. Your home is warm, inviting and a perfect setting for their lessons, workshops and occasional concerts.

Thank you Jen and Eric


As a child, I studied classical piano for eight years, then stopped playing for almost fifty years because of career and life demands. Now, with time on my hands to return to the art and joy of music, to my delight, I have found Jennifer Grace.

After almost two years of lessons with Jen, my skills and love of playing are coming back. She has a way of uncovering what I need most and want, in order to make this rediscovery of music such a joy to me in my retirement years.

Thanks, Jen!!


Our son, now entering high school, had quite a variety of private music teachers since he started flute in elementary school. Then he began lessons with Eric over two years ago, and there is no comparison to any other teacher. Not only has he gotten near perfect scores in NYSSMA, but he also enjoys music lessons because of the wonderful relationship he has with Eric.

Eric has the rare ability to balance the learning and the fun of music. Thank you from grateful parents!

—Lori & Steve