As a complement to lessons, special musical events boost progress and allow students to connect with each other. By providing a supportive atmosphere, these events encourage musical growth, nurture enthusiasm, and add to a sense of accomplishment. While learning to play an instrument is rewarding, time spent practicing alone can feel isolating. Being in a group of friendly musicians is great for sharing what you have achieved and finding inspiration in what others play.

Song Swap

Meets every-other month during the school year and more often in the summer. This ninety-minute round-robin style exchange of songs allows each student to take a turn playing for the group. Song Swaps are informal and fun - a place to share a polished composition or a work in progress, and a time to listen to and encourage fellow students. Group size is about a dozen performers. By popular demand we continue to serve hot-air-popped popcorn and apple cider!

Student Concert

We usually host our student concerts once or twice a year, either at our home in Centerport or at a larger venue as needed. Each student has a chance to perform for family, friends, and other students. Here is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to showcase what they have been working on in their lessons.

Songwriters Workshop

This weekly summer workshop is a great place to learn about songwriting. We'll explore songwriting skills by taking a journey through music and lyrics. While listening to recordings and each others' works, students will discover new tools to express their creativity and ideas. Come and write songs with this great group. You are welcome whether your goal is to publish, perform, or just sing in the shower. Hope to see you there!

Tunes for Teens

A time for teenage musicians to get together in a group, share their songs, learn to play as part of a small group, and help support one another. We'll have some fun making music while meeting new people. This is the place to share, discover, and discuss the music you and your peers are listening to. What's on YOUR iPod?

Musical Games

This fun-filled group will include music games to help reinforce skills and understand musical concepts. Games we'll be playing are: Rhythm Grab Bag, Musopoly, Music Go-Fish, Bongo Bingo, and others! So, come join us. You'll make new friends and have a great time playing those games we don't get to do in your lessons! And, of course, having fun is really the best way to learn. Open to students age 6 and up.

December 4, 2016
Student Concert 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Open to all students.
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