We teach private lessons from our home studio in Centerport, NY. Weekly lessons are offered Monday through Friday; morning, afternoon, and evening. All ages and skill levels are welcome.


We are often asked when a child should start lessons. While this depends on the child and the instrument, we recommend starting around age seven. By this age most children have the size and strength needed to play an instrument. They are also more able to read, distinguish right from left, understand assignments, grasp basic musical concepts, and make good use of a weekly lesson format. That said, we have occasionally accepted younger students.

And for all you adults, any time is a great time to start, whatever your experience (or inexperience). There is no upper age limit. Jen's 1st piano student was her Dad who began at age 70!

Taking lessons once a week is key to creating continuity, while allowing enough time between lessons to process and practice new information.

Lesson Rates

Lessons are either 60 or 45 minutes, with 30 minute lessons available for younger students and folks on a budget.

  • One-hour lesson $60
  • 45-minute lesson $50
  • 30-minute lesson $40


If you'd like to try a few lessons on a weekly payment basis that's great. However, for those continuing, we prefer a monthly payment plan. We accept cash, checks, and gift certificates.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available for any number of lessons, and can be used with either Jen or Eric.


In addition to lessons, we offer optional group activities including workshops, song swaps, and student concerts. Interacting with and performing for others in a supportive environment is one of the best musical experiences a student can have. These special musical events inspire motivation for practicing, and help to build enthusiasm, self confidence, and friendships. Oh yeah, and they are FUN! See our Events page for more information.